Tuesday, September 8, 2009

that's what I said, sir. go fly a kite!

On happy days like this afternoon, watching C2 simply meander from point A (the bus stop) to point B (his front porch) is like watching an ADHD chipmunk in search of an acorn. He’s distracted by the teensiest sign of life, but every moment is a new adventure. No worrying about what happens tonight or tomorrow or in the future; but only questioning whether or not his grub worm farm will continue to prosper in the orange bucket, how a proper magic carpet should operate (with built-in wheels and hubcaps for land, obviously), and why my jeans have holes in them. The day-to-day is a chance to explore and experience the remarkably exciting.

My eight year old buddy displays this unexplainable freedom, literally flipping and somersaulting off couches. His life isn’t on hold as he waits for future plans to come to pass; he's not holding out for what should occur next week, next month, next year, next five years (if accepted, if called, if needed, if it works out). He breathes this air, at this time, right now: no ifs. I may be ten years older than C2, but the kid's the one reminding me what it means to really live.

"You've trusted Jesus with your life, now live that life in Him. Inhaling Him. Exhaling Him. Making Him your life-source each and every day with the faith of a little child! You were planted in the richest of soils and watered with the amazing Truth of His Kingdom. Don't hide the joy-filled life of Jesus beneath the soil, but grow and bloom for all the world to see." (Colossians 2:7)


Zach Armstrong said...

The Rebelution is great for finding other like-minded bloggers; I'm following several that I've found there.

Good writing! It's enjoyable to read about C1+2 and the very applicable things you learn from them; one can tell you're in touch with the Word, and it's edifying to read. God bless!

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