Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh, yes, definitely. a view halloo.

I was sitting on the sidewalk smashing acorns. Little B from next door stood in front of me with his chin up in the air and the biggest smile on his face, as he explained that today was Grandparent’s Day. His babysitter had the day off because his grandparents were in from out of town. C2 sauntered over, and B led the way through the grass: “Guess where my Oma and Opa are from.”

“New York?”
"No, they’re from Germany.”

I picked at the mud from the dirt clod C2 chunked at my legs (upon greeting) as the pair began tearing apart the garage.

“Germany?” C2 picked up a long stick. “Do they speak Europe?”

B shook his head. “They speak German. They’re from Germany, but they live in Dallas.”


C2 resumed his poking about the garage with the stick, but his feet slowly ceased shuffling. He leaned over a very familiar Tupperware container, and I looked over his shoulder at our dear friend, who rested in a very new cocoon.

After staring at the silky clump for awhile and contemplating the life cycle of a caterpillar, I closed the garage door and left him to his slumber, as the boys walked back down the driveway discussing where all he might have travelled in the first stage of his lifetime. (“New Jersey?” “No.” “Washington?” “No.” “China?” “No.”)

Sleep tight, Heinrich.


Morgan said...

Haha, I love little kid conversations! If I ever were asked what is the most blog-post-inspiring-thing-ever it would have to be kid conversations. :)

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