Wednesday, June 10, 2009

so say it somehow

If you’re reading this, you probably know bits of my story already. I started this blog for several reasons, but mostly because I am humbled and completely overwhelmed by those who have prayed over my family, kept up with us, and served in absolutely selfless ways since my health collapsed a few years ago.

Avoiding the general subject of my “health issues” has been my primary means of coping through the hard times, but this method has proven itself the easy way out. At the same time, I’m learning that pretending to be fine all the time can be just as damaging as whining or falling apart in public. In the course of the last few months, it’s been brought to my attention how many people are masquerading heavy hurts behind a smiling face. Their stories need to be told.

So many are physically sick and struggling and heartbreakingly lonely in their current trials. Knowing pain and talking to those who have experienced the worst of tragedies, I’ve found after many conversations that all who have suffered at some point consider “I understand” and "This too shall past" (though well-meaning) as some of the worst sentences ever uttered. We can never truly know what someone else has known. But one purpose for this blog, which has been set on my heart so heavily, is to prove we’re not alone. Those with physical illnesses, etc., know what it’s like to be isolated and judged, defined by their physical condition alone, and constantly written off as worthless, useless, despite knowing wholeheartedly they’re not. This is our battle, and we're going to win; however, I can't sit still knowing what lies are being told to those who face pain. If these simple sentences deflect one of Satan's, wasted they're not.

I’m just a high school student from the suburbs aching and restless to serve my God. What, if anything, will come of this little corner of the Internet? Time will tell as I gather the words, and so say it somehow.


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