Saturday, August 22, 2009

is this the end?

Technically, I've been working on school all summer (due to health issues not overachievement; just saying), so technically, Monday is like any other day.

However, my baby brothers leave the nest for their first day of high school on Monday, and it feels like the world should, consequentially, burst into chaos.

...or dance.

Are you ready?


Maiden of Purity said...

I'll be a senior this year in high school, and no I'm not ready! I have mixed emotions of it all, and am not ready for the business and hard studying. I know that it'll be a hard year, as I'll begin taking College Classes on the side. However, I have my mom and others to help me out! :)

Katie Laitkep said...

Ahhh! I'll be praying for you! (Don't actually know ya, but I've read your blog & kind of feel like I do :P) I'll be a senior, too. Are you excited despite knowing it'll be hard?

That's great you have your mom and others helping out :) I hear a support system makes things much easier! haha

Rachel Anne said...

So glad you linked up for Coffee! I hope your "just and other day" turns out to be exceptional!

Just scrolled around your blog a bit, and love what I see! A fun girl with deep thoughts...perfect Company Girl!

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